Dumb C

October 31st, 2012 + 8:10 AM  ·  BasketCase

a psychopath a mic and his ever known somebody that you disliked them so much even the way they blink irritates you? Well I had a fellow employee whom I felt this way about and one day she really got under my skin.(after a yr of putting up with her bs) Long story short, I decided to vent my frustration by multiplying my dislike by a 1000 and express it through song...yes it worked

I See You ( In My Dreams)

October 23rd, 2012 + 6:10 PM  ·  BasketCase

what I'm working on right now...5 different guitar parts, choirs..etc...going for a "dreamy" sound..

    All alone on this cold winters night

    Thoughts of you fill my mind

    I'll just close my eyes

    I'll say my goodbyes

    Inner peace at last

    You've been gone for oh so long

    With no heartbeat there's no song

    Oh what will it take

    To hear it again

    Dance the night away

     I never want to

    wake from this dream

    I have all that I want       
    all that I need                           chorus

    Inner child awakened

    smiling, running free

    With you by my side

    shining your light

    Guiding me back home


    Staring up at the ceiling

    Tuning out the radio station

    Wipe the sleep from eyes

    Apply my fake smile

    I'll see you again tonight


Folsom Prison

October 7th, 2012 + 7:10 PM  ·  BasketCase

decided to try and use Kings and dB critiques..
MaxdB wrote…
I like it!
punktrash is the best country style to me :p
Why dont you top of the hi's on the drums to get it more lo-fi?
Maybe vox could be raised a bit.
What did you play the solo with? Its nice btw, but maybe the ending could be better. It starts real cool and then sort of expires.

The white lyrics are hard to read on white background.
Otherwise i would have sung along :p
Yeah, I like it!

kings wrote…
Vocal is way too low in the mix
Letters should be RED .... get that message across !
It has a TRex feel to it though it dont really sound like trex
I enjoyed it though it could be more
Done is done , move on to the next then .....

key word being try..happy thanksgiving? lol might even change the fonts to red in the vid

Lil Poppa (explicit lyrics)

October 6th, 2012 + 6:10 PM  ·  BasketCase

first thing I recorded after a 3 or 4 yr span...I went home to visit a friend/ neighborhood where I grew up and wrote it when I got back home..Figure I should start at the (new) beginning..Still needs a solo and bass..It is what it is..:P

Folsom Prison

October 6th, 2012 + 12:10 PM  ·  BasketCase

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